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Brief Description of the Open House Manager Tool
At the Open House:
Select the house you want to hold open house for:

  1. A feedback form will be brought up on screen to capture visitor's comments (feedbacks) and visitor's information.
  2. After submitting the form, an email automatically and instantly will be sent to the visitor thanking him/her for his/her visit along with a flier of the open house (if it was provided).
  3. The information of the visitor (email, if they are working with another agent, if they want to be contacted, the type of house and location they are looking for, etc.) will be saved in the database that could be used for future communication by that particular agent and/or by the system admin with a super user id and password.

Step-By-Step procedure on how to use the Open House Manager Tool.

  1. This tool is for registered agents/brokers only. It means prior to using this tool agents/brokers must have assigned unique user ID and password to login. If you don't have user ID and password or have forgotten them, please contact .
    Then login by clicking the picture on top menu:
  2. After you logged in successfully, please refresh your browser or simply press "F5" function key. After this point, you can use the open house manager tool, additionally, you will be provided many more options menu on top (Blue Color).
On the day of Open House:
Select Listing
  1. Now you need to select the house that you want to have open house for. Simply click on Select Listing to see the list of all houses were entered in the system so far.
  2. If you see the house in the list, just simply click on the link that says: Open House Registration and Feedback Form.

  1. If you don't see the house in the list, just simply click on the link that says: Create a New Listing Record. This brings you a page to enter the basic data for that house..
    Please note that, if you have a picture of that house somewhere on the web, you can put that url in the form. If you don't have picture on the web, that is OK, later you have chance to upload a picture from your computer.

Prior to the day of Open House:
Schedule Open House
It is very useful and recommended to schedule the open house event in advance and put it in the calendar. Simply click on the Schedule Open House to see all currently registered events.

  1. If you see your event in the calendar, just simply click on the event URL link.

Send Your Open House Announcement via emails:

After the day of Open House:
Generate Reports
This is a very powerful and useful tool that generates reports based on many criteria, as shown below:
  1. Specific House or ALL Houses
  2. Specific Visitor name or ALL Visitors
  3. Specific starting date or ALL starting dates
  4. Specific ending date or ALL ending dates
  5. Any combinations of above choices

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